Web 2.0 Final Project

The final project for the Web 2.0 Hybrid Course will accomplish two goals. Students will:

  1. Demonstrate mastery of the concepts and skills learned over the course of the class
  2. Create a Web 2.0 assignment that can be used in their teaching over the course of the next school year.

The successful project will combine information from the readings with the wiki and podcasting skills gained in the face to face meetings.

The projects must be completed in groups. The groups must:

  1. Include at between 2-4 people
  2. Contain teachers of different grade levels, subjects or departments
  3. Have no more that 50% of the group working at the same school building
  4. Be created by the end of class today

The finished product must:

Include contributions from each member of the group

2) Require students to create a wiki that answers a question and includes text, images, a podcast, and widgets.

3) Be connected to the appropriate Mass State Curriculum Frameworks

4) Be connected to any grade level standards, i.e. Literacy Objectives in the High School

5) Be completed on a new wikispace

6) Contain at least 5 separate wikipages listed in the Navigation section of the wiki
a. Home that introduces the project
b. Teacher Information that gives instructor specific information
c. Student Page that gives directions to students to complete the assignment and links to wikipages where the students can complete their work
d. Evaluation that includes a rubric and checklist on how the project will be graded, possibly as an embedded survey
e. Contact and Resources that gives the group members contact information and lists all resources used to create the project in APA Format and as hyperlinks if possible.
f. Additional pages are allowed in necessary

Include formatted text, images, widgets and a podcast.

8) Meet deadline as set forth on the class Moodle site

Click here for an example of an embedded evaluation:

Click Here to take survey