End of the Year Wiki/Podcast Project

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Your final assignment of the year is to create a wikispace with a podcast on your favorite historical period that we covered this year.

I am going to show you how to add some cool new elements to the wiki and these must be included in the final project.

Your wiki must include:

1) A title with the Name of the Historical Period and the Approximate Dates.
2) A short summary of what happened during the historical period, 100-150 words
3) A short description of how this event impacted later historical events, 100-150words
4) An embedded Google map showing where the events took place
5) At least 4 pictures or works of art related to the period with captions and links
6) An embedded video about the period
7) A timeline listing important people, places and events with at least 7 entries
8) An annotated bibliography of all the resources used in the construction of the wiki in MLA format
9) A short description why you chose this period as your favorite, 100-150 words
10) A 60-90 second podcast summarizing the information on the page uploaded in two formats.

Here is a list of the different historical periods/topics we covered this year. Multiple groups can work on the same topic.

Protestant Reformation
Scientific Revolution
French Revolution
Industrial Revolution
Reactions to the Industrial Revolution
Nationalism/Unification of Italy and Germany
Treaty of Versailles
Russian Revolution/Stalinism
How Banks Work
The Great Depression
Rise of the Fascism/Nazism
Atomic Bomb
Cold War
End of Imperial China
Partition of India
Meiji Restoration in Japan
Challenges facing Africa
Mexican History
Israeli/Palestinian Conflict