End of the Year Wiki/Podcast Project

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Your final assignment of the year is to create a wikispace with a podcast on your favorite historical period that we covered this year.

I am going to show you how to add some cool new elements to the wiki and these must be included in the final project.

Your wiki must include:

1) A title with the Name of the Historical Period and the Approximate Dates.
2) A short summary of what happened during the historical period, 150-200 words
3) A short description of how this event impacted later historical events, 150-200 words
4) An embedded Google map showing where the events too place
5) At least 6 pictures or works of art related to the period with captions and links
6) An embedded video about the period
7) A timeline listing important people, places and events with at least 10 entries
8) An annotated bibliography of all the resources used in the construction of the wiki in MLA format
9) A short description why you chose this period as your favorite, 150-200 words
10) A 60-90 second podcast summarizing the information on the page uploaded in two formats.

Here is a list of the different historical periods/topics we covered this year. Multiple groups can work on the same topic.

Protestant Reformation
Scientific Revolution
French Revolution
Industrial Revolution
Reactions to the Industrial Revolution
Nationalism/Unification of Italy and Germany
Treaty of Versailles
Russian Revolution/Stalinism
How Banks Work
The Great Depression
Rise of the Fascism/Nazism
End of Imperial China
Partition of India
Meiji Restoration in Japan
Challenges facing Africa
Mexican History
Israeli/Palestinian Conflict